Bobbie Hinman has a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and, after graduating from college, went on to become an elementary teacher. 

Combining her love for children with her love for literature, Bobbie has created her award-winning fairy books.  The books have received a combined total of 24 children's book awards.

​Bobbie loves to create stories that reveal some of the less practical and more magical explanations for life's little mysteries. After all, who better to blame it on than a fairy?

Before creating the fairy books, Bobbie authored the highly successful cookbooks, The Meatless Gourmet series and Burgers 'n Fries 'n Cinnamon Buns. Currently in the works are Kindle versions of the fairy books and the cookbooks, along with a true ghost story!

Bobbie has been a guest presenter at numerous bookstores, libraries and book festivals all over the country. Her fairy events always draw large crowds of fairy fans.

Bobbie resides in Florida with her husband, Harry, and their two kitties. They have

13 grandchildren.