Bobbie Hinman
         Manuscript Critiques and Comprehensive Editing for Children's Picture Books

If your goal is to produce a well-written children's picture book, it's important to get the words and illustrations just right. Children respond well to age-appropriate language, believable storylines and characters with whom they can identify.

Children’s books contain fewer words than adult books, making every word count. I will help you tell your story while capturing children’s interest and imagination. I will offer recommendations for ways to strengthen the plot, characters and language, and adjust the narrative if necessary, to be sure the illustrations match the words. I will help you identify your target audience and will work with you to make your message come through in an age-appropriate way. 

                                                   My Services:

                                 I offer a Manuscript Critique and a Comprehensive Edit

​                                                             Manuscript Critique ​ 

I will:

​• Offer advice for modifying your manuscript to make it understandable to your target age group.

​• Critique the language, keeping in mind the way children process information.

• Evaluate the main characters and dialogue.

• Evaluate the plot, making sure the story has an identifiable beginning, middle and end.

• Offer suggestions for giving the story more meaning through fewer words.

• Offer constructive assistance with rhyming books.

You will receive:

• A written review of your work that will allow you to make suggested revisions.

• Recommendations for ways to strengthen and improve the text and flow of your story.

                                           Comprehensive Edit

I will:

​• Correct all of the issues listed above and make the actual changes, helping to re-write parts of the story if necessary,

    to make your message more meaningful.

• Correct the grammar and punctuation.

• Add dialogue where needed.

• Add or delete words to give the story more meaning.

• Assist with character development

• Offer suggestions for the illustrations, making sure they work with, and contribute to, the story. 

You will receive: 

A completed manuscript.

​A list of suggested illustrations for each page.


Picture Book - Manuscript Critique $75 (up to 1000 words)

                         Comprehensive Edit $300 (reduced to $225 if you have already paid for a critique)

​Early Reader - Manuscript Critique $100 ( up to 1500 words)

                         Comprehensive Edit $325 ( reduced to $250 if you have already paid for a critique)

*Bonus* - All services include a complimentary copy of my book, "How to Create a Successful

           Children's Picture Book."  (available to U.S. addresses only)


                                    Manuscript Submission Process

1. Email your manuscript in a Word doc or Pages (for Mac) to: fairybooklady@gmail.com. Also tell me about yourself (one

    or two sentences) and what services you would like me to provide. Include a short description of the main theme ofyour

    story and the message you wish the story to communicate. Also indicate the age/reading level of your target audience.

    Any and all information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential. At no time will I ever share your

    information with anyone or use it for my own benefit. The security of your information is of utmost importance.

2. You will receive an email from me confirming the receipt of your work. This email will include an estimated timeline

    for completion, along with the total cost for the project. You will receive an invoice through PayPal for the total cost

    (for a Critique), or one half of the total cost (for a Comprehensive Edit). Payment is due before I begin the editing

    process. The final payment for a Comprehensive Edit will be due prior to the delivery of your edited manuscript. 

3. I will get to work. My normal turnaround time is 3 days for a Critique and up to a week for a Comprehensive edit.
                                                                                                     MY BIO

• Former elementary teacher with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Children's Literature

​• Ten years experience editing children's books

• ​Author/Publisher of 5 children's picture books that have received 28 children's book awards and sold 51,000+ copies

• Recipient of Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal for "Best Picture Book Series of 2017"

• Author of "How to Create a Successful Children's Picture Book"

• Member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators), IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association)

​   and Florida Writers Association

• Judge for Royal Palm Literary Awards

• Instructor for Palm Beach, Florida School System, adult education program

• Featured speaker at numerous major book festivals, bookstores and libraries across the United States and in Canada
• Published articles for Independent Book Publishers Association Magazine


“This editing expert really delivers and she uses her special “Fairy Dust” insight to work her magic!”   — Matt K.

“5 stars --excellent job-highly recommend”  — Sandra W.

"Bobbie Hinman is a talented editor. Children's book authors can benefit a lot from her expertise and knowledge.

Highly recommended!"   — Hui L.

“Bobbie was an absolute pleasure to work with!  She was extremely straightforward and was great at answering

any questions that I had.  I would highly recommend Bobbie!”    — Peter  J.

“It was a pleasure to work with Bobbi! She is amazing at what she does” :)    — Teydon R.

“It’s perfect! Thank you for everything and I will keep in touch with you. Great job!”    — Sol R.

"Thank you, it is lovely! I really like working with you.  All your ideas are always superb!"    — Serena F.

“Thank you for the work you put into my book. The part about you added really adds some cuteness

that the book was lacking."  — Kelly B.

“Thank you for the wonderful and very helpful critique! I will definitely use your suggestions."   — Cindy L.

"I AM THRILLED! You captured everything I wanted to convey! Your changes are excellent."   — Kim S.

"Seriously, I'm loving this! You've taken it to the next level I've been searching for. Thank you!"  — Becky D.

You are so good at this! Thank you so much, Bobbie!   —Leslie N.

Bobbie, what you have done is so AMAZING!   — Johnny M.

I am grateful for your eye for detail but even more grateful that you restored my faith in myself.  — Heather F.

This is great Bobbie! Thank you so much!  — Aditi K.

Wow! Just wow!! I wish I had you in my life earlier!!! I sincerely appreciate the love you breathed into

this story.  —Cherinita R

Bobbie, thank you sooo much for the excellent editing. I love what you did to make our story even stronger. You have been part of bringing it to life, and we will always be grateful. Thank you again for being a part of such an important journey for us!  —Julie Y.

Thank you so much for all hard work, it really transformed it! You are amazing! Thank you so much!  —Jesse L.

Bobbie this is fantastic! It really smoothed out the flow.  — Rita G.

The first time I read through the manuscript I found myself grinning from ear to ear. You strengthened my story and still retained my original voice. Thank you.  —Conner T.

I absolutely love it Bobbie! It is amazing how much life you have given to my books! Ahhh! I am so excited!  
You are an amazing mentor.                                                                                                                        —Laura D

Thanks Bobbie! Your work is impeccable! You have done an awesome job bringing my story to life. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise.   —Atiya B.

It has been a wonderful experience working with you! You have made my story so much better and have exceeded all my expectations!  —Eugenia C.

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