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All About Children's Books,
Writing, and Editing!

As a teacher, mother, grandmother,  author, and editor, I have lived in the world of children's books

        for most of my life.  Having received many awards, and experienced the writing process from all sides,

           my goal is to offer the hand holding and guidance that will help aspiring authors create their own great books.

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      • Award-Winning Children's Picture Books

      • Bestseller Christmas Books

      • Two "How-to" Writing Guides

      • Even a narrative memoir about our family ghost

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As a multi-award-winning author of children's books, I understand exactly what you are going through.   

 As an editor, I will help you create a successful children's picture book.


All About Fairy Books,
Writing, and Editing!

About The Fairy Books

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About Me

Welcome! I’m Bobbie, also known as The Fairy Lady.


 I'm a former elementary teacher with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in  Children’s Literature. The delightful combination of my teaching experience, along with the time spent with my 13 grandchildren, makes me right at home in the world of children's

 literature.  As my fairy book series grew in popularity, I became known as the Fairy Lady.


 (By the way, I do believe in fairies!)     

About The Editing Services

          If your goal is to produce a well-written children's picture book, it's important to be sure that the words are just right. Children’s books contain fewer words than adult books, so every word counts.


        Children respond well to age-appropriate language, believable storylines, and characters with whom they can identify. I will help you tell your story in a way that captures children’s interest and imagination.


         I will offer recommendations for ways to strengthen the plot, characters, and language, and adjust the narrative to be sure the illustrations match the words. I will also help you identify your target audience and will work with you to make your message comes through in an age-appropriate way. 

                                                            There’s magic in learning to…

                                                Think like a child and write like an adult!



About The Fairy Books

The fairybook series began when my 5-year-old granddaughter refused to let anyone comb her tangled hair. The sweet story I wrote to appease her was an instant hit and. . . The Knot Fairy was born!


Hmmm. . . What other issues could I blame on the mischievous fairies. . . Missing socks? Freckles? Belly buttons? Farts?

The books have received 28 awards. Written in rhyme, they  are perfect for beginning readers.

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“The first time I read through the manuscript, I found myself grinning from ear to ear. You strengthened my story and still retained my original voice. Thank you.”
                                           —Conner T., Author


“I absolutely love it Bobbie! It is amazing how much life you have given to my books! Ahhh! I am so excited!”
                                           — Laura D., Author

I love what you did to make my story even stronger. You have been part of bringing it to life. We will always be grateful. Thank you again for being a part of such an important journey!"                                          —Julie Y., Author


I'm overwhelmed by your knowledge, creativity and editing skills. You've made my book so much better!                                                    Andrea C., Author

Bobbie is The best editor I have ever encountered. If you or anyone is looking for a brilliant editor, look no further. I cannot recommend this woman enough. A true gem that makes a huge difference. Just ask me!!                                                                                  Sol R., Author

Seriously, I'm loving this! You've taken it to the next level I've been searching for. Thank you!”                    
                                            — Becky D., Author