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Editing Services

Children’s books contain fewer words than adult books. For this reason, every word counts. I will help you tell your story in a way that will capture the readers' interest and imagination. I will offer recommendations for ways to strengthen the plot, characters, language, tense, and narrative.  I will help you identify your target audience and will work with you to make your message come through in an age-appropriate way. 

     Comprehensive edit  

      If your story is ready for a Comprehensive Edit, I will:

      • Make the actual changes, helping to re-write parts of the story if necessary, to make your message 
        more meaningful.

     • Create an exciting opening.

     • Make sure the story has forward movement, a strong story arc, and a satisfying ending.

     • Correct the grammar and punctuation.

     • Correct the meter of rhyming books, and add or replace words if needed.

     • Add dialogue where needed.

     • Add or delete words to tighten the language and give the story more meaning.

     • Assist with character development.

     • Edit your book summary and bio.


You will receive: a completed manuscript.



I will stay in touch with you during the editing process and send you updated drafts as the work proceeds. There is no charge for revisions if they are requested within 6 weeks following the completion of the edit.  



If you prefer to begin with a Critique, I will offer advice for modifying your manuscript to make it understandable to your target audience. I will offer suggestions for giving the story more meaning through fewer words and the right amount of forward movement. I will also offer constructive assistance with rhyme scheme and meter.


  In addition, I will evaluate:

  • the language and vocabulary, keeping in mind the way children process information.

  • the strength of your main character.

  • the story arc, making sure the story has a meaningful beginning, middle and end.


  You will receive:

  • A written review of your work that will allow you to make significant revisions.

  • Recommendations for ways to strengthen and improve the text and flow of your story.

Manuscript Submission

1. Email your manuscript in a Word doc or Pages (for Mac) to:  


 •Please include information about yourself (one or two sentences).

 •Include a short description of the main theme of your story and the message you wish the story to communicate.

 •Also indicate the age/reading level of your target audience and the number of pages that you envision in your book.

2. Tell me the word count of your story and which editing service you are requesting.

3. You will receive an email from me confirming the receipt of your work. This email will include an estimated timeline for completion, along with the total cost for the project.

4. You will receive an invoice through PayPal for one half of the total cost of the edit. Payment is due before I begin the editing process. The final balance will be due prior to the delivery of the final draft of your edited manuscript. 

5. My normal turnaround time is up to a week for a Comprehensive Edit.


Any and all information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential. At no time will I ever share your information with anyone or use it for my own benefit. The security of your information is of utmost importance.

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