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You will receive a completed manuscript.

Edit of your bio and book summary is free with a Comprehensive edit.


Rhyming stories are evaluated on an individual basis. The fee is $325 to $400, depending on the amount of work needed to correct the rhyme scheme, meter and language.



I will keep in touch with you during the editing process and send you updated drafts as the work proceeds.
Revisions must be requested within 6 weeks following the completion of the edit.


Comprehensive Edit

SKU: 0005
  • If your story is ready for a Comprehensive Edit, I will:

    • Make the actual changes, helping to re-write parts of the story if necessary to make your message more meaningful.

    • Create an exciting opening.

    • Make sure the story has forward movement and an identifiable beginning, middle and end.

    • Correct the grammar and punctuation.

    • Correct the meter of rhyming books, adding or replacing words if needed.

    • Add dialogue where needed.

    • Add or delete words to tighten the language and give the story more meaning.

    • Assist with character development.

    • Edit your book summary and bio.

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